AC vs DC power, What is the difference between ac and dc

AC vs DC power, What is the difference between ac and dc
AC vs DC power

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Before making a comparison of AC Vs DC power. Let’s start from the very beginning. Electric current can be defined as the flow of electrically charged particles when we apply a potential difference across Conductors. The conductors have free electrons which move in a specific direction from one atom to another when we apply potential difference.

We can divide the currents into two types based on direction. i.e.  Alternating current (AC) or Direct current (DC). In the article, we will make a detailed comparison of AC vs DC power.

Definition of Alternating Current (AC)

The type of current which changes its directions periodically is called alternating current (AC). The electrons move in forward and backward directions due to which the polarity and magnitude change with the passage of time. Once Cycle of AC consist of crest and trough. Therefore, it has the Frequency.

What is Direct Current (DC)

In Direct current (DC) the direction of the flow of current doesn’t change. i.e. The flow of current is only one direction. The frequency of the Direct current is always zero and the magnitude remains constant. Now let’s compare AC Vs DC.

AC Vs DC power

We can compare AC Vs DC in different terms like Direction, the flow of electrons, power factor, etc.

  • The direction of The flow of current

AC changes its direction i.e. it flows in both directions i.e. forward and reverse. While DC can flow in one direction in a circuit. And cannot change its direction.

AC current
AC current
  • Frequency

AC has a frequency of either 50 or 60 Hertz while the frequency of DC is always Zero.

  • Current magnitude

The magnitude of AC changes continuously while the magnitude of DC is constant. For Pulsating type DC, the magnitude of the current varies only.

  • Power Factor

Another comparison of AC Vs DC is the Power factor. The power factor of AC is a value between 0 and 1, While for DC the PF is always unity. SO PF correction, apparent power, reactive power and active power are only in AC power systems.

  • Types of wave shape

The types of AC are Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, and Trapezoidal, while DC types are Pure DC and Pulsating DC.

  • Passive Parameter

AC power system has resistance combination of impedance and Reactance while Dc has resistance only.

  • Conversion

We can convert DC into AC using an inverter, while converting AC to DC is by using a rectifier.

  • Generation Sources

  • AC can be produced using AC generators and can’t be stored in batteries for later usage, while DC can be produce using DC generators and stored in batteries.
  • AC power plants are widely used in AC power generation. While Solar cell plants produce DC power.
  • Applications

Although most electronic application word on DC power, the AC power is important as well. The application of AC power is household and industrial loads. While DC is commonly used in electronic devices like Cell phones, Flashlight Electric Vehicles, etc. If you ask which one is better AC vs DC power? Then the answer is that both are important and has its important applications.

Many applications which need DC power gets AC power and convert it to DC voltage for its needs. All electronic devices around you has internal AC to DC converter circuit too feed it with DC voltage instead of AC one.