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Electrical4uonline is one of the newest electrical engineering sites, which provides electrical articles

Electrical4uonline was lunched first time in the early jun 2020, to cover electrical engineering topics.

About the author

I’m an experienced electrical engineer, graduation year 2007. I worked as maintenance engineer in a plastic pipes factory. Then I had a better chance and joined a leading oil and gas company. My position now is, electrical maintenance department head.

My team is responsible for many electrical equipment. Some of these equipment are listed below:

  • Synchronous generators.
  • Induction motors, single and three phase, low and medium voltage.
  • Overhead transmission lines, 11KV.
  • Power and distribution transformers.(400v, 2300v, 11kv).
  • Lighting systems.
  • Broad types of control panels.
  • Medium voltage soft starters.

Courses I had

Our company gives a great importance to learning and courses, technical and skills courses as well. I had the chance to have the below courses.

  • Electrical transformers maintenance.
  • Variable speed drives for induction motors.
  • Maximo maintenance program course.
  • Oracle inventory and maintenance program curse.
  • Business ethics.
  • Team building.
  • Leading with emotional intelligence.

My android apps making self learning

I love programming, So, I started self learning to make my own android electrical engineering apps. I only make apps that are:

  • Simple in design.
  • Easy to use, so that every one can use any of my apps without any help.
  • Have accurate electrical engineering formulas.
  • Free on google play store. All my apps have 100% free version with all functions and features.

I have more than 3 apps available on the market. You can find the 3 important ones below.

cable tables app
cable tables app
Fast Electrical Calculator

My Channel on YouTube

I love electrical engineering, so I created a YouTube channel to provide an easy way to earn electrical engineering stuff.

I will be glade if you subscribe to the channel.

More about me

I’m married and have 3 kids, two boys and a lovely girl. I love planting, I plant vigitables on my home roof, I don’t have a garden, I created a planting website, free android app about planting and a YouTube channel.