About Me

I bring over a decade of proven expertise as an electrical engineer, proudly earning my degree in 2007.

My journey began as a diligent maintenance engineer in a thriving plastic pipes factory. However, the allure of greater opportunities beckoned, leading me to join a prestigious player in the oil and gas industry. Today, I proudly hold the mantle of Electrical Maintenance Department Head.

In my current role, I lead a dynamic team entrusted with the care of a wide array of critical electrical equipment. Our mission involves the maintenance and optimization of vital systems that power the heart of our operations.

Courses I had

At our company, we prioritize continuous learning and development, and this extends to both technical expertise and skill enhancement. I’ve had the privilege of completing the following enriching courses:

  • Electrical transformers maintenance.
  • Variable speed drives for induction motors.
  • Maximo maintenance program course.
  • Oracle inventory and maintenance program curse.
  • Business ethics.
  • Team building.
  • Leading with emotional intelligence.

My Channel on YouTube

My passion for electrical engineering fuels my creative spirit, inspiring the inception of my YouTube channel.

Here, I’ve crafted an accessible gateway to unlock the fascinating world of electrical engineering, offering a treasure trove of knowledge, tips, and insights.

Join me on this electrifying journey as we power up your understanding of all things electrical!

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More about me

In addition to my passion for electrical engineering, I have a green thumb and a deep love for gardening. I’ve transformed my home’s rooftop into a flourishing vegetable oasis, even without a traditional garden space.

Driven by my passion for all things green, I’ve taken my gardening journey online. I’ve launched a comprehensive planting website, designed a free Android app dedicated to gardening enthusiasts, and created a vibrant YouTube channel where I share my planting adventures and tips.