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Kw to kva conversion is one of the most important calculations in electrical engineering work, Electrical4uonline will provide you with the formula and examples


What is KVA (Kilo Volt Ampere)

KVA is the unit of apparent power (S = Voltage * current) for 1phases (S = 1.73 V * I) in the case of 3 phases, apparent power is independent of the power factor.

Kilo volt-ampere is the power rating unit for generators and transformers.

KW to KVA formula

The formula of KW to KVA is:  S = P * pf


pf: is the power factor

P: is an active power in KW

S: is apparent power in KVA

To convert kilo Watt to kVA, divide the KVA by the power factor of the load

P = S / P.F

Example of converting

A load of 50 kw with pf of 0.8, convert to kva.

As mentioned above S (kva) = 50 * 0.8 = 40 kva

Example of converting KVA to kw

A load of 100 kva with pf of 0.8, converts from kva to kw.

As mentioned above P (kw) = 100 / 0.8 = 125 kw

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