Online KW To HP Converter

Online KW To HP Converter
KW to HP converter

When I was fresh graduated, I decided to help electricians who are working with me. I designed easy free android app for kw to hp conversion and other important electrical calculations.

This is because KW to HP conversion is almost a daily calculation for every electrical engineer and electricians, to convert motors and loads power. Then, I designed simple to use hp to kw and kw to hp converter online, to help you. You can find the converters below.

kw to hp conversion formula

How many kilowatts are in 1 horsepower? The kw to hp formula is very simple as 1 hp = (746Watt) 0.746 kw, so converting kilowatt to horsepower formula is, HP = KW * 0.746

How to Use This Formula

  • To convert from kw to hp, you should divide KW value by 0.746
  • To convert from hp to kw you should multiply hp value by 0.746

Examples of hp to kw conversion

  • How many KW is a 1 hp motor? This is so easy, as 1 hp = 0.746 KW.
  • How many KW is a 20 hp motor? As mentioned above to convert from hp to kw, you should multiply hp value by 0.746, So a 20 hp motor  =  20 * 0.746  = 14.9 KW
  • How many kW is a 100 hp motor? A 100 hp motor  =  100 * 0.746  =74.6 KW

Example of kw to hp conversion

  • An electrical motor with 15 kw what is its power in horsepower ? from the formula above, 15 kw= 15 / 0.746 = 20.1 hp.
  • An electrical load with power of 100 KW how many hp is it? As mentioned above, you should divide hp value by 0.746 so, 100 KW = 100 / 0.746 =134.05 hp

Does 1 H.P = 736 Watts or 746 Watts? (Metric and Imperial Horsepower)

Horse power has more than one standard. Two common of them are:

  • Mechanical or imperial horsepower. 1 HP = 745.7 Watt
  • Metric horsepower, which is approximately 735.5 watts.

How much electricity does a motor use per hour?

Motor power consumption =  Motor power * Running hours. A 1 HP motor means a 746 Watt power. This motor will consume power in one hour equals 746 Watt Hour.

How much power will A 5 HP motor consume in 20 minutes? 

Energy consumption = Power * Time

Converting 5 HP to KW = 5 *0.746 KW = 3.73KW

Motor consumption in 20 minutes = 3.73*(20/60) – to convert minutes into hours =1.243KWH

How much electricity does a 25 hp motor use?

Energy consumption = Power * Time

Converting 25 HP to KW = 25 *0.746 KW = 18.65 KW

A 25 hp motor consumption in 1 hour = 18.65*1 =18.65 KWH

Use this online KWH calculator

How to increase power of electric motor?

Increasing the motor power means improving the motor efficiency. You can’t increase the electric motor maximum power by applying a higher voltage or connecting a gear box to its shaft. 

Electric motors are fixed power equipment. However they don’t provide all the rated power they are designed to provide. Because of mechanical and electrical losses. We can improve the total efficiency of the motor, reduce losses and maximize the motor output power.

Tips to improve your motor efficiency:

  • Choose the right motor sizing for the mechanical load.
  • Improve motor power factor. For more details about how to improve power factor, read my detailed article here.
  • Perform regular preventive maintenance for the motor and the mechanical load.
  • Apply proper balanced voltage to the motor. The lower the voltage the higher the current consumption the lower the motor.

Why converting horsepower to kilowatt ?

As an electrical engineer you are looking at loads from electrical side. Watt is the unit of electrical power at all electrical equations.

At work if you are designing an electrical system for a load or a group of loads you will need to calculate exactly the load power in watt or kilowatt (kw) not in horsepower (hp).

But if the load is single phase or three phase induction motor, The power of the motor sometimes on the name plate is given in hp not in kw.
So converting hp to kw is necessary to complete your job and electrical design for load control panel elements, cables and other protection devices.

Why does motor power in hp?

Electric motors drive mechanical loads which are in horse power not kilo watt. While the motor it self is an electrical equipment which power is represented in Kilo Watt. This explains the reason of HP to KW conversion when calculating motor current or power consumption.

Motor nameplate has the power of the motor in KW or HP. In most cases HP is the unit of motor nameplate power. Reading the nameplate of the motor will till you the motor HP rating in the form of 25 hp, 10 hp etc.

I have written a detailed article about motor nameplate understanding. I highly recommend reading it. You can find it here.

Hereunder a 30 HP motor nameplate.
motor power in HP on the nameplate


Free Android Electrical Calculator App

There are a lot of useful smartphone apps. One of the easiest and simple to use app for electricians and electrical engineers which has many essential electrical calculators and converters is FAST ELECTRICAL CALCULATOR android app. I built it my self to help you in calculations and electrical conversions.

This app has hp to kw converter, besides many other electrical calculators inside it. The app has a free and paid (ads free) versions. You can install the free version first, and if you are satisfy with it, then you can buy the ads free version.

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