How to be a Successful Electrician (14 Important Skills)

How to be a Successful Electrician (14 Important Skills)

What Qualities Make a Good Electrician

If you are an electrician, then you should asked the question, how to be successful electrician? Electricians should be the men who are talented, decision makers, active and knowledgeable. They should be hard working because their jobs are tough and required a hard and smart work.

I’m working as an electrical engineer for more than ten years, and I worked with many good successful electricians.

In this article I listed qualities that the most successful electricians should have, These qualities answer the question how to be a good electrician?

Let’s list it, and then discuss some of them in detail.

  1. Willingness
  2. Mental & Physical Aptitude
  3. Precise Communication Skills
  4. Ready for Sense of Adventure
  5. Take responsibility for your own mistakes.
  6. Time Management
  7. Team Cooperator
  8. Safety-first mindset
  9. Customer Service

Some important tech. skills

  1. Fast trouble shooting solving.
  2. Electrical calculations awareness.
  3. Electrical wiring diagrams reading.
  4. Control circuits implementation and problem solving.
  5. Safety using for electrical tools.
  6. Never give up when searching for a solution for electrical issues.

Let’s discuss some of these items in detail.


As we know practice makes one perfect, that’s why training plays a vital role for every electrician.

A successful electrician should know about all the knowledge of huge amount things. That’s why they should always ready to get knowledge and to learn about different new electrical systems. They must seek the knowledge and be able to learn from training.

As the electricians work with the powerful and many times dangerous tools. The only way to work safely is by getting the knowledge and the complete guidance and training about using the tools safely.

Read my articles about electrician tools and safety.

Mental & Physical Aptitude

Most of the time of electricians is used in working with the electricity. Electricians should have great interest in the subjects like math, physics etc as the electricity is a branch of physics and a large number of mathematical techniques are applicable on it.

With the best mental attitudes of learning the subjects the electricians should also have the hand to eye coordination working system.

They should be absolutely able to distinguish between wires according to their colors because different colors of wires carry different currents in the electrical works. If they are not able to do so they may face the dangerous results.

Precise Communication Skills

Whether an electrician works independently or with the organization, they must have a good and precise communication skill.

Whenever this question is asked that “what qualities make a good electrician”, it will be necessary to mention the good communication as a main skill or the main quality of a good electrician.

It is a very important skill because it can make or break the career of an electrician.

Electricians always deal with the situation where they have to tell about the main problem they identified through their analysis.

If they are not able to tell their analysis in a precise manner they will never be able to become successful electrician.

Ready for Sense of Adventure

While doing this difficult risky job many times the electricians have to do work on the heights of hundreds of feet.

If now the question is asked that what qualities make a good electrician at that difficult situation the answer will be that, “the good electrician is always ready to do such difficult works and look them as the adventures of their lives.”

They will feel happy and excitement in doing such difficult works because they never had climb such heights in their life before choosing this profession. Nobody have the experience of such difficult work before in their life.

Time Management

In all type of works, time plays an important role. A good electrician should always on time or in time.

Late completion of work without considering the time is not the quality of a successful electrician.

They must show their best attention in their work and complete the given task on time.

Time management skill is a hard to learn for all the electricians. Once they learnt this skill they become able to complete the tasks on time. This skill proved very valuable for them.

Team Cooperator                                                                                      

Many times the electricians are working together as a team. They may work with their team or with other team working on the same contracts.

It is extremely important that the electrician work in a good way with other workers. His behavior should be good and language should be precise. Working in good cooperative manner is a best strategy answering the question how to be successful electrician.

Safety-first mindset

a good electrician always says Safety first
a good electrician always says Safety first

A large number of the electricians do not care about the safety while doing their job. The safety includes both types i.e. the safety of the electrician as well as the safety of the working tools and system under operation.

In the case of safety the proficiency of an electrician does not matters, because working safely is something extra which can save from large amount of losses. Keeping the safety­-first mind set is a key quality of a good electrician.

I highly recommend visiting and following the amazing safety site for more specific electrical safety articles.

Customer Service

If the electricians are connected to a company, they make the name of their company by their skills. They are independent while working with company. Sometimes they are working with the local jobs or in customer job sites.

At this stage hey should keep this thing in their mind that they have to go with their surroundings. They are not independent and have to be respectful with the timing of their surroundings to be a good electrician.

Electrical calculations

Electrical application for electricians
My Electrical application for electrical engineers and electricians

Electrical calculations are almost in all electrical fields. Doing these calculations fast is important to solve the main issue faster.

Using smart phones electrical apps is helpful. I use a package of electrical android applications in my work. I highly recommend three apps for you. I created these apps my self to help me, and they are on google play store for free:

  1. Cables Tables : this app is amazing, It has the most common tables of cables like current capacity, voltage drop, derating factors and more
  2. Fast electrical calculator. This one has many useful calculators. You will need it for sure in your work.
  3. Motor calculator. This is a simple and quick electrical motor current calculator and cable selector for the motor.