Electrical Energy (Important Facts)!

Electricity is an economical method of producing various types of energy needed to run homes, factories and large industrial applications, and can be precisely measured cost and controlled to benefit us.

Why is electrical energy important?

Electrical energy is the main source of energy in residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Without electrical energy, most of modern technologies will be useless.

Imagine a world without electricity! no heaters, fans, cell phones computers and almost all home appliances.

I live in country side, some times electricity goes down, I feel like I can’t do anything, I can’t run my online business at all.

Electrical energy is so important for us because of the following:

  • Electrical energy is a clean type of energy, and can be generated from wind energy, sea waves energy or solar energy.
  • It’s the time of electricity. Electricity can provide light, warmth, and many other things that provide comfort.
  • In the industrial sector, manufacturers depend on electricity to empower every moving component and be converted to magnetism, heat, and light.
  • In medical science, electrical equipment make it easy to cure diseases that are a very important factor to be counted, all due to electrical energy.
  • The electronic printing press of the digital age has brought us books, magazines, and newspapers, which have brought light not only to our homes but to our minds.
  • It’s a medium to transmit signals in cellphones, computers, etc.

Now let’s go in details about electrical energy importance and advantages:

Importance of electrical energy in our daily life

Every day, we’re in the depth of one of the enormous technological advances of all time: Electrical Energy. Although it’s a source of energy used throughout the globe, before we were aware of it, people had lived for centuries without electricity that could have led to a dark and gloomy world at night, except candles now and then.

This is due to the development and growth that occurred due to the creation of electrical energy. When the idea was revealed in the public domain that electricity could be made and bring the world to life, it was the time that everything changed.

In general, energy is an essential element for the economic growth of a country. Many functions are necessary to present-day stop when the energy supply is interrupted. It is practically impossible to estimate the actual magnitude of energy played its part in building present-day development.

The availability of a massive amount of energy is due to human effort consumption and higher agricultural, industrial production. The greater the per capita consumption of energy in a country, the higher the living standard of its people.

Energy exists in a different form, but the most basic form is electrical energy. Modern days are more dependent on electrical power, which is almost a part of our lives.

Energy can be used to provide our daily life:

  • light, all types of lights are run with electrical power.
  • heat, for industrial production lines, kitchens, and home warmth.
  • rotating equipment power, such as water pumps and fans.
  • Electrical cars are one of the fastest growing sectors depending on electrical energy.

The advancements in technology and science have enabled us to transform one type of energy into another form.

Why is Electricity more efficient than other types of Energy?

Electricity being more efficient than other types due to following reasons mentioned below:

  • The electrical energy source is an efficient form of energy when compared to the other types of energy as it is able to be transformed from one form to another. For instance, we want to convert electricity into energy, that is, heat. It is only necessary to transfer the electrical energy via a high-resistivity wire.
  • The most crucial factor of the superiority of electrical energy over other forms of energy is its flexibility. It can be easily transferred from one location to another location with the help of conductors and overhead power lines.
  • The electrical energy source is considered the most cost-effective energy source of all kinds. It is more affordable than other energy sources. It is widely employed for domestic, industrial, commercial, and residential.
  • The consumers of electricity generally are situated far away from the generation center. Electricity is easily transferred from the generation center to the end-users using overhead transmission lines. Which means no noise of generators.

What are the uses of Electrical Energy?

U.S Electricity Use 2021
U.S Electricity Use 2021-https://www.eia.gov

Electrical energy usage is more than listing it in some lines. From huge space ships to small kids toys, electrical energy is the key factor of operation and working. But here I will mention some usage of it.

Electricity consumption in the United States in 2021 was about 3.9 trillion kilowatthours (kWh) according to U.S. Energy Information Administration

  • Residential Sector: Lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and operating appliances air conditioning and heating count for the biggest annual electricity usage in the residential sector. In 2021 residential use of electrical energy in U.S was 38.9%
  • Commercial Sector: Uses of electricity represent the largest shares of total annual electricity use in the commercial sector: computers and other office equipment, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. In 2021 Commercial use of electrical energy in U.S was 34.9%
  • Industrial Sector:The industry uses electricity to empower machines and drives (motors), computers, lighting, office equipment, and equipment for heating, cooling, and ventilation. In 2021 industrial use of electrical energy in U.S was 26.0%

Can we store electrical energy?

Storage of Electrical Energy could bring economic, reliable, and environmental advantages in certain instances.

Based on the degree to which it is used, the storage of electricity can aid in the operation of the grid more efficiently, decrease the chance of breakouts in peak demand, and permit greater renewable energy resources to be constructed and utilized.

Storing electrical energy as electricity is possible only as DC, while AC is not stored or accepted in batteries. On the other side electrical energy can be stored in other shapes as mentioned below.

  • Pumped hydroelectric: Electricity is used to pump surplus water into the reservoir. When electricity usage increases, water is removed from the reservoir, it flows through a turbine, generating electricity.
  • Compressed air:Electricity is utilized to compress air at around 1,000 pounds for every square inch. Then, it’s stored, typically within underground caves. When the electricity demand is excessive, the pressurized air is released using the expansion turbine generator to generate electricity.
  • Batteries: Like rechargeable batteries, the big battery unit holds electricity until required. These batteries can use lithium Ion, lead-acid, lithium iron, or other battery technology.
  • Thermal energy storage: Electricity is a great source to generate thermal energy that can be stored until power is needed. For example, electricity could be used to frozen water and ice in periods of low demand. It can also be later used to cool during times of high usage of electricity.
  • Super capacitors (SCs): Super capacitors are energy storage devices. They can hold much more power than conventional capacitors until required. It can store the electricity fewer consumption days and be used on days when electricity demand is high.

can electrical energy be transformed into what energy?

We can convert electrical energy source into another form of energy. Look arround your self, you will find at least one ore more shapes of electrical energy conversion.

Examples of transformations or conversions of electrical energy can be found as follows:

  • The table fans take electrical energy as an input power source and transform electricity into mechanical energy to rotate the fan by electric motor.
  • When we turn on the electrical bulbs, a change or transformation of electrical energy into light and heat energy, in this instance, the heat energy is released to the environment in the form of an energy loss.
  • When we push the switch of the electronic bell, electricity transforms into sound and heat. In this scenario, heat energy is small and is usually ignored.
  • Electric motors convert electric energy into mechanical and thermal energy. In this case, most energy delivered to the motor form of electricity transforms into mechanical energy. To ensure the proper operation and long-lasting life for an electric motor, we must disperse the heat energy generated.
  • Electrolysis transforms electrical energy into heat energy and chemical energy. This is where we transfer thermal energy to the environment in the form of a loss.
  • Television converts electrical energy to sound, light, and heat energy. The amount of heat produced in this scenario is significantly lesser and is often overlooked. However, when designing electronic systems like television, the calculation for heat power is crucial as it will dramatically affect the design.

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