Best Electrical Calculator app For Android (100 % FREE)

I never like memorizing numbers, tables data and formulas. I had to do something crazy! I Had to find a solution.

The first solution I did was a disk top based program. It was doing great. But, I need the electrical calculations on site. I didn’t carry my PC all the time.

The key solution was to make my own android app. I learned programming step by step, and I did it!

I created my own first electrical calculator android app. I was so happy, I shared it with my coworkers. Almost all of them depend on it now.

I got their feed back about the app, and fixed all stuff they told me. They were so happy using my app. And they still using all my other apps.

I decided to help you too. Yep! why not? So, I shared all my electrical android apps on Google Play market 100% free.

Now my apps are supporting more than 20 languages, and are being used everyday in more than 23 countries. With more than 250K+ installs.

Why Do You Need Electrical Calculator App?

It is important for every electrician and electrical engineers to make proper and accurate electrical calculations, before any electrical installations or electrical work.

Electrical calculations are not just an electrical issue, but also it is  safety issue, after doing proper calculations use cable tables to check cable and wire sizes

Many Electrical calculator apps are designed to help electricians and electrical engineers. But, the awesome about all my  Electrical Calculators and apps is that I built them my self. I can improve them for too meet your requirement. Just let me know in the review part on Google Play.

Fast Electrical calculator app is one of the most helpful for me in my work. Its easy to use and practical Electrical calculator app.

What Are Users Say About My Apps:

May app is for electricians and electrical engineers, And fortunately I work as an electrical engineer and I work with many electricians. This helped me while I was testing the app.

My challenge was to make easy app for all users. And below are some of app reviews on play store.

Fast electrical calculator app reviews

Fast Electrical Calculator app Features:

  • AWG to mm2 conversion table.
  • You can convert watts to amps using kw to amps conversion.
  • kva to amps calculator
  • HP to Amp converter
  • KW to KVA conversion
  • KW to HP conversion
  • KVA to KW calculator.
  • Kw/HP to Amp Converter.
  • Three phase voltage drop calculator
  • Electrical transformer Amp calculator
  • IP rating easy table.
  • Amps calculator for single and three phase motors

Install this app from here for free or you can buy the one time paid version to remove ads.

For doing electrical calculations online, use our online electrical calculators for free from here.

Free or Paid Electrician app is this one?

Fast electrical calculator  has two versions, free and paid versions

Free version of this electricians app has all futures of paid one, the deference between free and paid versions is ads in the free version.

Why It Contains Ads? It took me a long time to understand and learn app programming languages, I faced a lot of ups and downs in my learning journey. So I just needs your support and good reviews to keep my spirit up.

And of course some money from the ads is not costing my awesome users any thing. So I made a free version with ads, Then some users preferred ads free version, That’s why I have free and paid versions.

Who Needs My Electrical Calculator Apps?

Every one working in electricity needs this app,  such as electrical engineers, electrician, technicians… etc

This app has many sections which can help in motor, transformers, electrical power calculations as mentioned above.

Thanks You My Awesome Users!

I should thank you for installing, sharing and positive reviewing this app, This is how you really support me, and keep the app on the top of electrical apps on play market. Please keep using the app.

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