Best Cables app For Electricians

Electrical cables tables free app for electricians

Cables tables are needed almost every day in our life as electrical engineers and electricians, These tables of electrical cables can be found in cables catalogs.

But not every time you will find the catalogs on the working site, So I created a Cable Tables app for electricians, you can install the app on your phone to help you on the working site.

Cables tables electricians app free or paid?

best cable app for electricians
best cable app for electricians

This electricians app has two versions on the google play store, one is free with ads included, and the other is paid version with no ads

What is the best cable app for electricians?

The cables tables app is the only electrician’s app I have ever used as an electrical engineer. That’s because I made it myself.

This electricians app is designed by me to help electricians and electrical engineers with installation and electrical calculations for any electrical loads

What tables does this app have?

This electrical app has the most common tables of electrical cables, such as:

  • Current carrying capacity
  • Correction factors
  • Voltage drop
  • AWG to MM conversion tables
  • Short circuit current tables
  • AWG cables amp rating

And it has also calculators of:

Cable Table app features
The Cable Table app features
  • KW to HP converter
  • KVA to KW converter
  • KVA to AMP converter
  • KW/HP to AMP converter

Who needs this electrician’s app?

This app is important for electrical engineers and electricians who work with load designing and cables tables
Install the free version from here
Install paid version from here