Spotlights types and uses

Spotlights types and uses
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Spotlights has an important role in our daily life. Whether it is an office, maintenance workshop, production house, or any other public place, good lighting is always necessary. It helps in employee satisfaction, safety.

While in the homes it helps us to do our routine jobs with comfort. We can define it as “A lighting system that focus light on specific object or place”. We will discuss it in detail.

Spot lighting working principle

It is a basic electrical circuit. We can connect AC or DC sources for its operation. So the circuit consists of a Power source and the lamp works as a resistor. When the current flows through the circuit, the filament resists the flow of current. And as a result, it glows.

Spot Lighting works on the same principles. In Some spotlights when the current flows it operates a small circuit board. The board consists of high-intensity light-emitting diodes. So when the board is energized it illuminates LED to produce light.

It is worth mentioning that only LEDs are not sufficient for producing light or illumination. Spotlights have their own procedure. To amplify the illumination we put the LEDs in the concave areas. For better reflection, the concave area is coated with highly reflective angled materials.

The reflective material consists of aluminum-coated plastic.  When the bulb illuminates the reflective area redirects the light in the form of a steady beam of light. We can amplify the light of the LED by 10,000 times. All we need to adjust the reflectivity of the coated area of a spotlight.

Different Types

There are different types of spot lighting systems in use. We are discussing mostly used lighting systems.

  • Plano Convex

A very old lighting system consists of a single convex lens. The lens is round on one side and flat on the other side.

  • Ellipsoidal lighting

This type of spot lighting is produced by an ellipsoidal reflector. It consists of a barrel and lens. The collected light directs through the barrel.

  • Fresnel

The common use of this type of lighting is in lighthouses. It either provides lighting to a broad area or a concentrated area.

  • Beam projector

No lens is used for producing and directing the beam of light.

  • Parabolic Aluminized Reflector

In this type of lighting the reflector, filament and lens are aligned in a fixed position. Commonly used in theater

Uses of spot lighting

As already discussed spot lighting is used for highlighting particular objects. Here under some specific uses:

  • Art exhibitions
  • Museums.
  • Jewelry shops to make jewels looks shiny.
  • Markets and antiques shops to spot the lighting on special pieces.
  • Advertising panels.
  • Hotels walls to make hotel name clear and eye catching.
  • gardens and parks to bring lights to trees.

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