What is high-mast lighting?

What is high-mast lighting?
high mast lighting

High Mast Lighting. What is it?

To illuminate a large area or site, normal lighting poles are not practical so high mast lighting is used. It is the type of site lighting fixture mounted over at height. Normally it contains a pole that ranges from 40 to 150 feet pole.While four to 16 fixtures are mounted over it.

These types of lights are used in parks, airports and municipalities. Besides this, it is also used in sports venues like stadiums, etc. While talking about the structure high Mast Lighting Utilize High-intensity discharge lamps as (HID). An HID lamp includes Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium. Nowadays LED lighting fixtures are used instead of HPS and MH lamps.

Benefits of High-Mast Lighting

It provides maximum illumination to sites or areas that require illumination. It consists of High Mast LED that generates light via a semiconductor as opposed to HID Lamps. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • Energy Saving

In the past HIDs lamps were the standard lamps when lighting large areas. But these lamps have drawbacks this is because they contain gases like mercury vapor, metal halide, and high pressure sodium. SO many manufacturers switched to LED lamps. One of the main advantages of LED is energy saving. Besides energy saving LED lamps are environment friendly.

The LED used in the high Mast lighting ranges from 209 to 750 watt.The construction of the LED is made in such a manner that it consume50 to 80% less electrical energy than other HIDs. The continuous use can save the amount in thousands of dollars.

  • Reduction in Maintenance Cost

The manufacturing process of the LED ‘s Used in High mast lighting is different.The Generated Voltage is degraded slowly with the passage of time. Therefore the life span of the LED is maximum. This feature reduces the maintenance cost of High mast Light fixtures for a long interval.

  • Lighting Performance

Due to the multi-point design, The led used in the high mast distribute the light in multiple directions. Even if you move away from the lighting pole still the lighting level will be maintained. Besides this LED’s are available in a different range of color temperatures. Due to which the visual perception of brightness increases.

Basic Rules for installation of High Mast Lighting

  • Masts should be located at a place. That the highest levels of illumination are in the areas of greatest informational needs, such as geometric changes and traffic conflicts.
  • Masts should not be located in gores, at the beginning of sharp curves, or other locations where there is a relatively high probability of an out-of-control vehicle
  • High Mast poles should not be located in the direct line of sight of drivers on the roadway.
  • Masts should be co-ordinated with signing to ensure that the light source is not directly behind the signs at a critical point.
  • Transitional effects should be considered on unlighted approaches to the interchange.

Maintenance programs and inspection

As all equipment high mast poles need regular maintenance and electrical inspection. High mast poles have two main parts:

  1. electrical parts.
  2. mechanical parts.
  • Electrical parts are lighting fixtures, power cables, control circuit of lighting, lowering down motor and its control. These parts need to be inspected regularly to ensure that it is in a good condition. Inspection and maintenance points are listed below.
  1. Check control circuit of lighting. Make sure it is sealed and dust free. Test it and ensure it controls lighting as designed.
  2. Check motor performance and its control.
  3. Make sure that cables are good insulated and has no damage parts. Any damage parts should be repaired as required to prevent short circuit danger.
  4. Ensure that all lighting fixture are working and repair any damaged fixtures.
Ensure that all fixture are working
Ensure that all fixture are working
  • Mechanical parts are the lowering mechanism and wires. Make sure it works smoothly. Perform lowering down process every 3 months to check this process.