Why is Electrical Maintenance Important?

Why is Electrical Maintenance Important?

Electricity is the most vital resource available to us in this modern world. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own; electricity will likely be integral to your day-to-day business.

Since electricity is an integral part of our everyday lives, it is essential to keep in mind that electrical power and commercial electrical systems are hazardous, and safety is among your primary concerns.

Every industry or business owner should ensure that their electrical systems are maintained, secure, and reliable. Electrical Engineers / Experts suggest having regular electrical inspections and maintenance carried out to keep your electrical systems in good working order.

Why is electrical maintenance important?

  • Ensure the security of your business: If you manage or own a commercial business/industry, you are obligated to ensure that it is secure to your customers, employees, or tenants. One of the most effective ways to ensure the security of your business/industry premises is to provide regular maintenance of the electrical system. Even the most minor issues that arise with the electrical system could be dangerous, and you could be held responsible for any injuries within the premises. It keeps your Business/industry Secure.
  • Electric system work efficiently: No matter what type of business/industry you manage, you depend upon your electric system and electrical appliances each day. It’s the reason it’s essential to keep your electrical devices and appliances machines clean and well-maintained. Electrical maintenance of your equipment/machinery helps prevent incidents that cause injury and ensures that all components in your electric system work efficiently.
  • Extend the life time: Regular Electric maintenance could extend the life expectancy of old electrical devices, appliances, and machines.
  • Time keeping: Maintenance services can help find the issues before any damage, and you can fix them before they become a severe issue. And keep time of trouble shooting.

Here under some electrical equipment maintenance importance.

Why is electrical maintenance important for transformers?

Electric transformers are a costly and crucial component of any factory/industry. For the best performance and longer product lifespan, it’s best to perform regular maintenance checks on your equipment.

There are two kinds of maintenance for transformers. The first is performed regularly, and the other is carried out in an emergency and faults conditions.

If maintenance checks are conducted regularly, you may not have to go breakdown maintenance and save time. Various kinds of maintenance tests must be carried out on the power transformer

Monthly maintenance tasks for transformers

  • The oil level inside the cap needs to be checked every month to ensure that it doesn’t fall below a predetermined limit, thus avoiding any damage that could be caused.
  • If your transformer is equipped with oil-filling bushings, be sure to fill it to the proper level mentioned by the manufacture on its specification nameplate.
  • Make sure to keep the breathing holes of the transformer breather made of silica gel in good condition to ensure proper breathing at all times.

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Daily transformer maintenance 

  • The MOG levels for oil (Magnetic Oil Gauge). Always ensure that the tank full to the desired level of MOG.
  • Change the silica gel in case its color changes from pink to blue.
  • If you notice any leakage, be sure to seal it.
  • Check transformer temperature rise.

Annually transformer maintenance

The oil pumps, fans, and any other equipment that reduces the temperature of transformers or control circuits must be examined each year.

  • Clean the bushings of your transformer with only a soft cotton cloth every year. Make sure to de-energize the transformer. In some cases this cleaning process can be done in live maintenance basis. i.e without power isolation.
  • The oil condition of OLTC (On-load tap changer) must be inspected annually to do that, you need to collect an oil sample from the drain valve and check its moisture level PPM (Parts Per Million) along with dielectric strength BDV (Breakdown Voltage Test). If the BDV value is low, while the PPM value is high, the oil will be changed.
  • Be sure to test the resistance value on the connection to the earth. The risers should be tested annually by clamping an earth resistivity meter.

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Preventive Maintenance importance for Electrical Installations

Many people think having no moving parts means that there is nothing to happen to electrical systems. Experts from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) state that the failure rate for electronic components can be three times greater when systems are not maintained with preventive programs.

Prevention-based maintenance isn’t something new. People have been performing preventive maintenance on engines, motors, and mechanical systems for a long time. When we propose preventative repairs to electrical distribution networks, we often get stunned looks and the constant questions, “What for? Nothing moves -what could go wrong?”

If the electrical distribution system isn’t well maintained, many things could go wrong. When electrical loads fluctuate between low and high demand, temperature expansion and contraction can cause connections to become loose.

Electrical panels that are not cleaned build up dirt and dust that settle on the connection terminals. The dirty and loose connections offer a high resistance route that is directly accountable for greater than 30% of the electrical breakdowns. The electrical components cause seventeen percent of electrical malfunctions due to moisture.

Preventive Electrical maintenance is an excellent way to prevent problems that could arise and prevent current problems from becoming more costly. Reduces energy costs by having regular maintenance performed on your electrical system will reduce the energy bills.

Tips when making panels maintenance:

  • Use dust vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the panel. Don’t use air blower, because it make a great miss and spread the dust inside the contacts of contactors.
  • Close any unused openings.
  • Make sure all cables have sealed fittings suitable in size to the cable size.
  • Use contact cleaner to make proper cleaning for all contacts and contactors. I have written a detailed article about contactor faults and maintenance, you can read it here.
  • If possible, use thermal imaging to detect any hot spots, make sure to do this task while the panel is energized.
  • Don’t rely on the voltage and current readings on the panel meters, and use a separate multi-meter and compare its reading with the panel meters.

Why to make electrical maintenance on time?

Every electrical system requires maintenance regularly. When you wait for electrical issues to occur to conduct maintenance, it could cost you a higher cost to make troubleshooting, repairs and replacements for electrical equipment. And increase the chance of workplace safety concerns.

Through regularly scheduled maintenance, your business will take proactive steps to avoid issues that cause downtime and cost and make sure that your employees’ safe throughout the day.

Six significant benefits of scheduling maintenance of electrical systems are discussed below:


For intelligent lighting to computer servers to security and surveillance, and all these systems rely on electricity to operate. Reduce the risk of your company losing revenue, data, and downtime by ensuring the electrical maintenance is performed regularly and checking that your equipment is functioning correctly.


Planning the proper electrical maintenance as a proactive preventative measure at an appropriate time for your team will save your company cost and time by avoiding interruptions later. For instance, if an electrical system should fail and be fixed quickly, it would trigger disruption to the workplace.


The regular maintenance of your office equipment will allow it to have an extended lifespan, saving you money on repair and replacement costs.

Regular electrical maintenance checks, like an inspection, called a Check and Tag inspection, make sure that the equipment you use is in line with Electrical Safety requirements for the workplace and help you determine and eliminate safety hazards that your equipment could pose a danger.


Interruptions and downtime caused by repair and electrical issues are often a significant source of stress for employees, and lower morale and productivity. Ensure your employees are working efficiently with the best appliances and equipment.


Regular electrical maintenance as an essential part of your routine can bring numerous benefits, including increased energy efficiency.

Old and inefficient equipment is a drain on energy and less effective at fulfilling its intended purpose. Maintain your equipment and take proactive steps to make needed repairs and replacements.

You can ensure that your installations are as energy-efficient as you can- more beneficial for the environment as well as your pockets.

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